Your sphere of influence

A sphere of influence (SOI) is the practice of attracting business from people you already know. Your sphere contains personal or professional contacts, people who you are in regular contact with.

Make a list of people to put into your sphere database. Your friends and family is a good starting point but don’t leave out your hair dresser, pest control person, mail carrier, dog groomer, or any other person that provides a regular service to you.

You want these contacts to know that you are in the real estate business, but it is so important not to prepare a sales pitch every time you meet with them. Make regular contact with them without it being real estate (or other business) related.

Send out Christmas cards, birthday /anniversary cards, and ask them to lunch, contact with these people should be on a personal level. There is no need to constantly remind your contacts of what business you are in, that is if you want to keep them as friends.

Eventually when these people need real estate services they will think of you. If it is advice they seek give it to them, without expectations, they may not use your services this time around but may use you in the future, or refer someone they know to you. Every name on your SOI list has the potential to make you thousands, so treat it and the people on it with the utmost care.

"The key to success is often the ability to adapt." unknown

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